Community E-Learning Initiative

DEA has launched its Community E-Learning Initiative (CELI) with Dr. Sasaki as its director.

CELI’s vision is for more communities in Africa to enjoy higher education through online learning. CELI’s mission is to provide access to online education in these communities by collaborating with various educational institutions in the US, Japan and Africa. To this end, CELI has already started various projects:

A. Collaboration with the Global Initiative by New Jersey City University (NJCU). 

NJCU’s Global Initiatives, led by Director Cunningham, has agreed to provide two fee-free online courses in conjunction with DEA: (a) Introduction to Chinese; and (b) Business English. Thereafter, the Global Initiative will expand its collaboration with DEA by providing additional fee-free online courses, such as cyber security and business strategy, from 2018.

B. DEA as online education provider to Kitengela Paradise Hills Community Learning Center in Kenya.

Kitengela Paradise Hills is a new community being developed in conjunction with six large Japanese companies with a US$3 million budget. The community will contain collective housing, a water station, a power station, a green vegetation station and a learning center. DEA has been appointed to be the provider of online education at the learning center. The Paradise Hills project will be operational by the end of 2017 and DEA will start providing online courses from early 2018.

C. DEA’s first step toward Community E-Learning Centers in Africa.

CELI’s first step toward establishing Community E-Learning Centers in Africa will occur in Burundi. This initiative is a collaboration between DEA, a local university and non profit association promoting ICT in Burundi and involves applying for the Grassroots Human Security Grant sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in Rwanda. The non profit association promoting ICT, led by Mr. Kenese at Bujumbura has strong local connections and Dr. Sasaki has a deep network among the Japanese embassies in Africa. DEA hopes to expand this initiative to other countries in Africa, starting next with Kenya.

In addition, Director Sasaki and Founder of DEA, Sidiki Traore, have been developing various programs with relevant universities in New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Tokyo.