Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Small Businesses, Part II

This course focuses on the common human resource (“people”) challenges faced by existing private businesses when they attempt to grow substantially. PART 1 OF THE GROW TO GREATNESS COURSE IS NOT A PREREQUISITE FOR TAKING THIS COURSE.

The course will start October 8, 2018 and end November 16, 2018.

WEEK 1: Course Overview

This module introduces the course.

WEEK 2: The Entrepreneur Must Grow Too!

This week will look at the role of the entrepreneur in growing a business. The required reading is Edward D. Hess, “Barbara Lynch Gruppo: An Entrepreneurial Journey,” Case Study. There are two optional readings “Global Medical Imaging, LLC” and “Growth is the Dynamic Confluence of Strategy” in this module also.

WEEK 3: The Secret of High Performance is High Employee Engagement

The required reading for this module is “Trilogy Health Services, LLC: Building a Great Service Company” by Gosia Glinkska and Edward D. Hess. There is an optional reading also: “Leaders Bank: Creating A Great Place To Work” Case Study.

WEEK 4: Growth is Much More Than a Strategy—It Requires a System

The required reading is Edward D. Hess, “Room & Board” Case Study. The second required reading is “Growth Is Much More Than Just A Strategy: It’s A System.”

WEEK 5: Building a Senior Management Team

The required reading is “SecureWorks.”

WEEK 6: Final Exam

This is the final exam.

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