International Relations

Topic: Asian Politics
DeAfrica’s course on Asian Politics

This course focuses on significant contemporary world issues as they impact Asia. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of global processes including current global economics, global politics, and cultural issues that have influenced changes in Asia relative to the rest of the world.

Ultimate Goal of this course is “to understand why and how Asia is important in politics, economy and society in the world, and how growing Asia impacts the African countries.”

  • Provides students with broad knowledge across the Asian Region
  • Broad expertise in the following areas
    • Politics and Security
    • History, Society and Culture
    • International political economy
  • Equip students with the necessary skills in understanding major economic, political and social challenges in ASIA

Student Learning Outcomes include:

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of a contemporary world issue and/or region of the world.
  • Students will analyze the impact of global processes on their specific issue or region, including the relationship between politics, society, geography, history and economy.
  • Students will apply the knowledge and analytical skills gained in the classroom and through experiential activities to selected issues of global significance.
  • Students will analyze the social justice implications of increasing globalization.