Joint Scholarship Project to Benefit Young African Entrepreneurs

Impact of DeAfrica:

DeAfrica has successfully collaborated with UVA for the last 3 years to introduce and deliver UVA programs in Africa, at full scholarship, totally over $200,000 in scholarships provided to date. In addition to hosting UVA MBA students in Nairobi, Kenya to conduct sustainability research for DeAfrica, the foundation also coordinates the delivery of the following courses to aspiring and established entrepreneurs across continent of Africa:

  1. African Cohort of the Business Strategy
  2. African Cohort of the Design Thinking and Innovation
  3. African Cohort of the Project Management and Planning
  4. African Cohort of the Foundations for Business Strategies
  5. African Cohort of Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I 

DeAfrica Future Goals:

DeAfrica is striving to achieve long-term sustainable enterprise in Africa. The partnership between DeAfrica and UVA has reached a milestone as DeAfrica continues to expand its scholarship program into new African countries, such as Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland.  

Upcoming DeAfrica Graduation Ceremonies:

DeAfrica will conduct 3 graduation ceremonies in Kenya (22 September), Rwanda (25 September) and Botswana (15 September)  in September 2018.  DeAfrica expects to recognize the hard work of 300 graduates during these events.

DeAfrica values their ability to host graduations in Africa because of the cultural change the education will bring to these regions.  Specifically, through:

  1. Recognize the efforts of the graduate and install pride in their accomplishments
  2. Highlights the skills the graduates have gained in hopes of promoting education in their communities and attracting new students
  3. Involve the local community so they see the differences made in the work-place by e-learning
  4. Engage the press within each country/community to highlight the accomplishments of their local entrepreneurs

DeAfrica would to thank Dr. Kristin Palmer, Director of Online Learning Program, and University of Virginia for her hard work and engagement with DeAfrica.  Without her, this scholarship work would not be possible.

Sidiki Traore, President and Founder of Distance Education for Africa. (

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